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Our Buttman Review:

When you ask for something in return, that is not love. That is selfishness. That is cowardice. And if it were all about some claim, then your love story threads on a mere promise. No more issues to talk about. That is not love. That is an arrangement. If such is really the case, then you can begin to list down the good traits of any man and match it with yours. Girl, your neurons must be out of luck. And for the boys, you know you only want the girls’ booties. Buttman might as well be the answer to your emptiness.

If your life is all about making sense, then cover yourself with a piece of plastic. You are probably a book, not a human being. And all this is because you are not really after a woman’s essence, but only about her booties. Good thing the Buttman has arrived to save the day with all the butts that you need to see in your life. Down from the sex videos all the way to the TED talks of wisdom for crazy ass bitches with all their Nutella loaded booties, the sweetness is such a total overload that you would not have any problems satiating your daily needs for manly survival. Most importantly, anal sex. Those are two words, perhaps the only two that every man would want to have heard of and play through.

You may take it that the Butt Man sounds like Batman and yes, that happens to be the goal. He, for fictional purposes, is now considered the hero of sensual darkness, the phenom for all men who want to see what glorious asses really look like. More on its provenance would be that it is a creation by Evil Angel. Seamless content is therefore t be had and the Gonzo concept has also been borne from here. As of now, there are 160 plus DVD format videos exhibiting up to 1080p HD quality. All the movies are directed by John Stagliano and that alone concludes the deal is really real with the sites inclusions.

The photo galleries are still under construction, but a month thereafter, the site has promised to released its first wave of exclusive photo shoots and revamp the tubeplayer with a much lighter and faster streaming speed with the best possible resolution rendered. But of course, the true essence of Buttman is the booties and the curvylicious bodies.

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Our ZTOD Review:

No, it makes no sense to say that you will marry someone because he is faithful. Only fools would say that. True love cannot arrogate itself. To say so means that you have chosen right and that others should be sorry because they have not been as bright as you. Your version of love cannot be some sort of a sketch plan. For if it were, and if a partner fails in the way things should be, you’d be forced to leave. To have a more open definition to what love and marriage really is, getting some dose of ZTOD discount videos would be the perfect option to tap.

ZT stands for Zero Tolerance and you know what they’re coming at with that. This site takes everything so seriously to the point that the videos they create are so convincing as to the realness they are trying to depict. In my assessment, these guys are specialized around incest relationships or at least stepchildren getting fucked by their stepmothers and stepfathers. You know the usual scenario when the mom would call the daughter telling her that she would be late a tad bit and then stepfather learns about it and offers some real cock experience to his stepdaughter. As many critiques would say, the site is a full confirmation of Hobbes’ assertion that men are savages. In my opinion, noble savages, because we do it with class and clandestinely.

ZTOD knows the best way around closing the deal with its audience. And it is through the variety it incorporates that keeps the whole business going. Perhaps it is a vocation that they are living up to. With all the videos being categorically arranged, the viewer is able to easily pick a choice based on the mood he feels for the day. Where does he lie today on the kink-o-meter? It doesn’t really matter because the 1,100 videos of Zero Tolerance are diversified in such that it is complete. These are DVD style videos we’re talking about that lets you enjoy a fully loaded cinematic experience.

Much to your grace would be that the videos of ZTOD are all 90-minute length movies. You can go with downloading some videos per day with the given download limit and this would allow you to get some mobile authenticity when it comes to masturbating out of opportune moments. The figures and the quality come together here for an epic porn experience.

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Our ATK Petites Review:

We need the petites going to, which means to say we all need to watch the contents found in ATK Petites.

If the name of the site does ring a big bell inside your hear, that does not happen to come to my surprise because it comes from the ATK Company itself, one of the highly acclaimed porn production company that has hit a high mark of significance in the adult industry.  Here, you will see all the not so tall women, but not short, too, maybe by American standards, yes. But the point being is that they are not midgets, just simply women who have small frames but proportional that of the normal figure. And they have big boobs and puffy assess and chubby cheeks with beautiful round faces that come together with dazzling eyes, which will all make your days beyond complete.

So, are you ready to know what you’re really down to with ATK Petites? It’s really simple: 5’4” women. Yes, and just imagine how pleasurable that could be since you are taller. You get to control her and she lets you do it. You become the dominant and she is the submissive. Anyway, there are 750 videos as of the current that will show you the truth behind that assertion. These videos are at least 20 minutes each, either in high quality or high definition full HD, if you know what I mean. They even have 3D videos now in which you could simply incorporate your Oculus or a pair of 3D glasses. With that aside, there are photo galleries that make the perfect companion to these book like treats.

If you want to get more of what ATK Petites discount has to offer, especially its monthly bonus items and free access to other niche sites, get a membership now and begin to be enlightened on the fact being that it’s not your usual porno hub.

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Our Nutabu Review:

Some adults are just stupid as hell. If incorporation of Frozen/Disney costumes encourages the child to read a book, then let it be. It does not matter if you’re seeing kids parading in Frozen costumes on a World Books Day event, that is noting but pure irrational hate towards a childrens’ movie only backed up by the fact that you oldies hate “Let It Go”. Stop being whiners and think for a moment that most kids at the age of 3-4 do not exactly prefer dressing up as Machiavelli characters over Disney books characters, and they definitely wouldn’t dress up as Jane Eyre over Elsa. Can’t they just drop it and look for something else to feed their children with? And while they’re at it, maybe watching some Nutabu discount porn would help them into their senses.

I appreciate it that children try to read, whether it be comics or A.A. Milne, or something from Disney. For any children at the most critical stage of development, that is a path to becoming a reader, or even a bookworm. This also how you teach them how to do their own versions of blowjobs to gigantic black cocks, doggy style with the virile Russians and missionary to the most extreme German. With Nutabu. Simply put, it’s a porno resource full of diverse racial interaction. So if you think you need to change your diet, going down to this one is probably something you really need to consider.

I can’t really seem to comprehend, but I guess it’s just like love that it doesn’t really have to make any sense. It is one of the best pornographic portrayals of how the codification of something is to be done. With that, you will see women engaging in first time sexual pursuits so as to see how far they can go with giving away their long protected virginity. There are over 700 videos that would testify the sentiment. All the videos are a good 40-minute production for each and they come together with photo galleries that really make the scene extra special.

Downloading happens to be one of the greatest edges of this site since it allows you to take your show back the stage in 1080p mode. To enjoy all the secret passages of this site that only a member can, register at Nutabu now.

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Our Devils Film Review:

I cut ties with you who magnify the bad in me and berate even my strength. No adamant dictate of manners will make me smile at people who have ill thoughts about me. So please do not try. Let me have my space, because believe me, I don’t feel good at all speaking ill of you. But you always make me. I’ll watch you from a distance and wish the best for you.This should be in your thought whenever the devil attempts to lurch at the back of your mind. Only submit to where it counts. Like having sex with an attractive lady.

The moniker tends to be rather explicit. I mean the word now is so tainted with bad imagery. But who the hell gives a fuck when the site is too good to show what glory it’s got. Devil’s Film creates porn like no other because it always begins with intense banging and then it continues with a louder tumult with the girl’s moaning and the guy penetrating harder. But it is much more than that. There’s the bukake, the gonzo and other crazy stints women would want for a sex session. This is the total treat for all of you guys and the tranniness of the porn is just so intense that I cannot really even! It’s epic and provocative all the same!

How much should you be expecting from the Devils Film? To begin with, you are making the best decision in your whole life of porn because it has a big plethora of videos that will really get through your skin down to the bones, as though you are having real sex. There are 5500 plus videos as of today and each plays for 30 minutes each at the least. They are up for both streaming and downloading and the quality can be up to 1080p for every video, which gives you a truly vivid experience. Other than that, there are 2700 photo galleries with pictures that will surely blow you off your balance.

It’s high time you hit subscribe to Devils Film. It has a 9.5 out of 10 rating from thousands of its subscribers, so I don’t really see the point of the doubt. It gives more than what your money is worth because the intensity of the videos are beyond 9000.

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Our GF Revenge Review:

I have no qualms giving up on people whose lifestyles and principles in life are not parallel to mine. I have learned to let go of people, I learned it the hard the way and have accepted the fact that somehow along the way there will still be people who will come and go. I had people I wanted in my life but couldn’t because of the distance and other matters that led us to not pursue anything other the connection we have. But some are already there but sadly could not remain. This is the usual mantra of the ex-girlfriend on boys. So today, let’s do a quick review of GF Revenge.

You know how the drill goes when things go apeshit in a relationship, right? It’s either the guy breaks up with the girl or the more the usual, the girl breaks up with the guy because he’s an ass and she’s been trying to change her but he can’t. So they part ways and eventually the guy finds a rebound girl and the ex-GF finds out. Here in GFR, you will see how the ex-GF’s would be hellbent in finding a rebound guy to make ex-BF jealous. And they take it to the extremes by fucking real hard on cam to let the ex know she’s doing just great!

Ah, there cannot be anything sweeter than the act of vengeance. But at least here in our review today, it’s about a porn site that really does no harm other than of the heart. You know, metaphorically. Anyways, if you’re up for some real drama and porn action, GFRevenge would be perfect for several reasons. They have more than enough numbers to keep your soul awake from the tedium. The 320 plus vids now would go for at least 30 minutes of sensual fun. There are photo galleries where you will see ex-GF hooking up with another guy and sending the pic to ex-BF. Sometimes, it would cause both of them to pull back together. Sometimes even they would have a swing session with their rebounds.

The models are hot, and that is an addition necessary here. The downloads are safe and the quality of the vids are ultra high. GF Revenge definitely hits the mark of your expectations.

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Our Erito Review:

The crazy thing about Japanese people is that they are so afraid to be in relationships because they think it would only impede their capacity to make their lives better, in an economic sense that is. Why is this crazy? They are one of the biggest contributors of the adult industry. At least one of the most active to say the least. Most importantly, the best porn materials usually come from them and factors that would involve this would be their kawaii faces and bodies and skin and voices. To give you proof to that, there’s Erito.

The site is actually a network. That is to say it is a collection of the best Japanese porn sites for you. There are four included in the collection and they would be Tokyo Teens, AV Stars Erito, Japanese Cosplays and Japan MILFs. As someone who has experienced the beauty of this site, I cannot give you any guarantees. You can see the videos in exclusive terms or you get to see them as a whole in a long but beautiful list. It’s your call.

Collectively, there are 227 videos for you to watch. If your concerned how many faces you’ll get to see, there are 78 models in the house for you to fantasize. So if you’re lonely, this is one hell of a way for you to cheer up. What more should you be excited about? We love what our eyes get to see. That is if the image is actually lovely. But the point being is that Erito has a beautiful user interface that really works like candy to the eye. For a romantic like me, I would call it food for the soul. It empowers and it fattens my heart. The way the thumbnails are set with those moaning japanese faces. Lovely as the flowers that bloom in one spritely, awesome burst!

Your subscription gets all the benefits any subscriber is supposed to get, which would include unlimited downloads and monthly updates. There are weekly bonuses that you would love to check out as well. Furthermore, a grand update is to come your way since the people behind the cameras are up to something really grand. Come check this awesome Japanese porn site out and wait for it.

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Our Passion HD Review:

Who doesn’t love hardcore porn sites? If you are raising your hands, yes, both of them, that means you are missing out on what’s really fun about the adult industry. It must be because you think the soft core ones are the best because they take things slowly and therefore passionately. Let me tell you that hardcore porn is better in doing that. As a proof, there is Passion HD which I am going to review briefly for you now.

You see, I have been watching porn since I was 13 and I am already 22 now and I have mastered how to choose the ones that are worth masturbating. I know how to criticize porn videos and am able to tell which are the good ones. All I can about Passion is that it doesn’t give out what it’s really all about by its title. It just shows people what porn should really mean — hardcore sex that exhibits true feelings, emotions that needless be questioned. They are genuine, authentic and anything that guarantees a good show comes in everyone’s way, which is the show of love in the coming together of two people.

To be truthful to you, my reader, the site is relatively new in the industry. Though the company behind it has years of expertise, which gives you a guarantee that you get nothing less than amazing. There are over 30 updates in the site and while it already shines with too much magnificence, it continues to flourish with love and passion in the art of sensuality. To stir a bit of your imagination, the site comes from the same creators of the Porn Pros Network.

There’s more to Passion than its videos. There are photo galleries that you would surely wish to check out. Updates for these galleries come in a weekly basis to keep you excited. The people behind the cameras promise that each month there will be more than 10 videos to come to every viewer’s way so that sure is something worth lingering for. Anyway, there is the initial batch of videos to give you an idea what kind of entertainment you are really looking forward to. Epic.

The models are hot and they are in the pursuit to give you hardcore pleasure. If couples were in love, they’d show you how it really goes at Passion HD.